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  • You are searching for a complete solution for your process?
  • You wish to implement new machines in an existing production line?
  • You are searching for new production technologies based on innovative ingredients?
  • You are searching for the perfect drying solution for your product?
  • You need the right solution for your power supply?
  • You are looking for solutions to optimize your production processes or logistics?

In these cases MOLDA EVOLUTION will be the right partner for you. Our experiences extend across a wide range of technologies and processes. Our core competence is in the area of process analysis, process optimisation, new production technologies and drying technologies. We cover both the area of food production as well as adjacent areas like chemistry and others.

You think: our case is too specific, no one can help us? In any case we are not to help, there is a big network of partners with individual expertise in many areas.


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